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Small businesses are often like families and we know you want to take care of your people, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. Offering valuable employee benefits at no cost to your business is a great place to start.

Employees Win, Nobody Loses

Small Office Solutions from TASC strengthen your company’s position in the market and creates staff stability by providing valuable tax advantaged flexible spending accounts for a variety of expenses. They increase their takehome pay, and employers benefit from fewer payroll taxes!

Solutions are customized for employees, but include:



A No-Cost
Guarantee &
a Meet or Beat Bonus

That’s right. It’s free!

And it’s a can’t-lose value for your business, philanthropic agency or firm with 30 eligible employees or fewer, when you reduce expenses by about 8% in payroll taxes. TASC will match or beat employers’ costs if they already offer any of the benefit accounts.

You Don’t Have
to Lose to Give

Tiered pricing offers employers a fixed budget line:

  • 1-9 Eligible Employees $600
  • 10-19 Eligible Employees $1,200
  • 20-30 Eligible Employees $1,500
Businesses pay only the amount listed or the payroll tax savings generated solutions.

TASC’s Small Office
Solutions Eliminate
Employer Guilt

You’ve been looking for a way to give more
to your valuable employees.

But you needed a fool-proof, no-cost plan, and the security of a competent and compliant benefits partner.

As the nation’s largest privately held third-party benefits administrator, TASC improves the health, wealth and well-being of communities’ small businesses, non-profits and government agencies, and makes it possible to do more for the people that do so much for you.

We are the industry leader in offering visionary solutions that are powerful and effective, and we are uniquely positioned to help partners that other providers often ignore because of their smaller staff sizes.

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We know small business leaders must wear many hats. Let us simplify how you support your team.

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A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) provides significant savings to employees and employers alike. Employees set aside funds on a pretax basis to spend on qualifying dependent care expenses throughout the plan year. Employers save on payroll taxes for every dollar of employee participation, often enough to cover the plan’s cost.

Our team helps you select the ideal healthcare tax-advantaged savings account. These accounts offer notable cost savings for both employees and employers, regardless of whether you offer a group health plan. Available options include: Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HFSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), Limited Scope FSA (LSFSA), Limited Purpose FSA (LPFSA), and Independent Health Savings Account (Independent HSA).

Are you looking for assistance?

Our Benefit Advisors will answer any of your questions or provide consultative services to help you choose what benefit accounts best fit your lifestyle. 

To reach us call 608-241-1900 or 800-422-4661, M-F, 8-5, based on the area code where the call is coming from.  Wednesday morning our phone open at 9:00 am (CST) given our continuous employee development training.